Venus Nail Spa


43-45 Chase Side, Southgate, London, N14 5BP

Venus Nail Spa

The Best Nail Salon In North London


SNS nails — otherwise known as a “dip powder manicure” — are made with powder and glue, and the combo creates a long-lasting bond on your nails. SNS is actually a brand of dip powder, the same way OPI and Essie are brands of nail polish, which is how the method got its name.

Full set

SNS Full Set (Natural Nail)   

35-40 mins | £35 

SNS Full Set (Extension)   

40-50 mins | 40

SNS Full Set Ombre 

50-60 mins | £45

SNS Pink n’ White (Natural nails) 

40-50 | £40 

SNS Pink n’ White (Extension) 

45-60 mins | 45           

Take Off SNS :

20 mins | £15

Take Off SNS (Colour) 

25 mins | £20-