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Here at Venus Nail Spa, we have friendly staff and constantly aim to have the best service any salon can give you. We like to keep our environment clean and hygienic for you to feel comfortable. Venus Nail Spa provides you top quality products and treatments just for you.  We specialize in pedicures, manicures, extensions, gel, shellac, waxing,  threading, and many more amazing treatments. And remember at Venus Nail Spa we think about you!


SNS is a natural dipping powder system, unlike the other liquid polish. It opens up a whole new world of nail art and color industry. This product can last for over two weeks and is recommended by lots of customers. If there are any issues we can repair/ redo them.
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Acrylic Nails

This amazing product enhances your nails making them look longer and fabulous. It also uses a dipping powder system like SNS, which means it also has a one-week guarantee(it last for three weeks). The best thing about it is that it creates a hard protective layer over your nails
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We have over 500 colors and shades of shellac! It is a liquid and a very popular choice (not saying the others aren’t good ). This product came from lots of well-known brands and also has a one-week guarantee. We hope you love the polish just as much as we do.

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Pedicures and Manicure

This cosmetic beauty treatment is simple and can be done on the feet and nails. There are a variety of designs and nail art to be done. For example, painting pictures or designs on the nails, or applying little gems or imitation jewelry. Once again this is a liquid product and can be found at any nail salon.

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Facial  treatment

This special treatment is a memorizing sensation and a good face cleanser. This treatment will make you feel young once again. We really recommend giving it a try.

Threading and waxing

In threading, a twisted piece of thin cotton will remove some of the unwanted hair. On the other hand, waxing removes the root of the hair.

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Monday 10am–7pm
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